Saturday, April 12, 2008

Red Lored Parrot - Panama 2008

Red Lored Parrot, originally uploaded by Michael A. Nelson.

First morning of our trip we come running (as fast as 2 old guys can) out of our villa and headed to the resort grounds to start our birding. We were pretty excited. Lots of birds everywhere, however we were very disorganized. I was looking in one direction telling Tim to look at this bird and he was doing the same looking at other birds. It took us a good 30 minutes to get our system working. During that time of chaos I was able to get this decent shot of the Red Lored Parrot. I really love morning light!!!


Anonymous said...

It's actually a Red Lored Amazon. :)
Amazon is a type of parrot.

Michael Nelson said...

Yes,depending on the particular Field Guide or Birding Program I have seen it listed as both. My birding program - Birdstack - lists it as Red Lored Parrot hence my title. Thanks for noticing though!!