Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thick Billed Euphonia - Panama 2008

Thick Billed Euphonia, originally uploaded by Michael A. Nelson.

We wanted to spend a morning at the Summit Ponds, a local birding spot in the Canal region of Panama. I had the GPS location as I picked it up from Google Maps before I left. We took a taxi but quickly realized that the driver didn't know English and we didn't know Spanish. We managed to get fairly close to the Ponds when we finally gave up and walked the last mile using the GPS. The GPS came in so handy for all of our birding in Panama. I would never go birding again without it. It was also a great help in deciding when to head back to meet our ride. It would inform us to speed up or slow down as we heading back to our start point(and awaiting Taxi) from a long day of hiking.

We caught this shot of the Thick Billed Euphonia just after getting to the Summit Ponds. Lots of canopy birds there too however we didn't have our scope with us that morning so missed many of them.

Here is a wonderful video of the Thick Billed Euphonia shot at the Canopy Lodge - a few miles from the Summit Ponds.

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