Thursday, April 3, 2008

Red Legged Honeycreeper - Panama 2008

Now this guy does not look too pleased with me. I was only a few yards away. He kept darting around the branches hiding from me until finally I was able to get this picture. Part of the fun for me is the hunt to get the perfect picture. I am a lister as well. So first priority for me is to see the bird so I can go "tick", second priority to to secure the perfect picture - one that brings the emotional magical moment back again and again. Sounds sappy but very true for me. This photograph was taken on the Gamboa Rainforest Resort grounds.

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Helmi said...

I just popped round to thank you for your kind comment. I am glad that I found your site as I am always happy to learn more from other birder's blogs.

At the moment I am in Australia with a broadband connection - and therefore it is a lot easier to peruse the Net.

In Niamey/Niger I am not that lucky but then I have a very exotic birding area everywhere around me..